Grenfell Newsagency

Have you ever dreamed…

  • to own your own business?
  • that you would be part of history?
  • that you’d live somewhere without traffic? (or traffic lights?)
  • that your kids could walk to school?
  • that you owned a gift shop?
  • that you had your own toy store?
  • that you had your own stationery store?
  • that you had your own art supply store?
  • that you could live a tree change?

It’s time to live and realize your dream. Grenfell Newsagency is for sale.



If you’re looking for a tree change country lifestyle, where you can run your own business that’s the heart of the town, then your search is over. Grenfell Newsagency (42 Lower Main Street, Grenfell) is a diverse business, catering to all the needs of Grenfell, NSW.

Selling more than newspapers and magazines, Grenfell Newsagency is the destination for gifts, toys, mobile phones, stationery, books, lotteries, and a whole lot more.

With a full modernized systems, Grenfell Newsagency is the perfect business to own if you’re looking to raise a family in a safe environment or you’re too young to retire and have always dreamed of being your own boss. Don’t miss this tree change opportunity.

Grenfell Newsagency is available for private sale by the owner.